01 Dec 2014

KTKL settles personal injury case

In April of 2012, KTKL’s client was driving his vehicle when another car crossed the center line of the road, entered the opposite lane and caused a major collision. The other driver acknowledged full fault of the accident, which had caused significant injuries to the client’s chest, back, knee, arm, and shoulder and required three separate surgeries.

The client’s employer attempted to claim the knee injury and related surgeries were unrelated to the accident as he did not initially complain of knee pain. They originally offered only $15,000, despite a $1 million uninsured motorists’ policy. However, KTKL’s Stephen Torline and Kathryn Lewis were able to procure a settlement of $275,000 in September of 2014. This was in addition to $50,000 in policy limits received from Progressive Insurance Co. on behalf of the driver responsible for the collision.

Torline and Lewis were recognized for their success in the November 24th, 2014 issue of Missouri Lawyers Weekly.