03 Dec 2013

KTKL Settles Personal Injury Case against Cycleurope U.S.A. d/b/a Bianchi USA for $1 million

KTKL’s client was riding a bicycle sold and distributed by Cycleurope using the name Bianchi in Kansas City, Missouri when the carbon fork failed, causing the client to crash resulting in a broken clavicle.  The client developed pulmonary emboli as a result of clavicle surgery, requiring a short hospital stay.  The client had approximately $90,000 in medical bills but no lost income.  During discovery, Cycleurope produced no evidence that it had designed or tested the bicycle, and no evidence that the bicycle met consumer safety standards.  Instead, the evidence showed that Cycleurope purchased the bicycle from a foreign manufacturer and simply placed its name on the bicycle.  KTKL was able to settle the case for Cycleurope’s $1 million policy limits after adding claims under the Missouri Fair Merchandising Practices Act.  Attached is a copy of the Petition filed in the case by KTKL.

First Amended Petition (00414098)