Constitutional Law


  • Represented a current sitting U.S. Senator when his right to be included on the ballot for re-election was challenged on residency claims. Successfully defended the Constitutional challenge and kept the Senator on the ballot and he was re-elected.


  • Obtained policy limits of $500,000 for couple whose property was improperly disposed of by Ford County, Kansas. County violated the Constitutional rights of the couple. The County employees invoked their 5th Amendment right refusing to testify which led to settlement for the full policy limit.


  • Obtained $100,000 for Ford County, Kansas employee when his employment was wrongfully terminated after the County instructed him to invoke his 5th Amendment right rather than allowing him to be a whistleblower on wrongful conduct.


  • Obtained judgment in favor of a beef packing plant when a neighboring landowner sued claiming the plant was over pumping water wells and infringing on the neighbor’s water rights. We defended the beef processing plant’s water rights, which were vital to its business operations.


  • Obtained $80,000 for a minor who was wrongfully detained for nearly three hours by Sumner County Sheriff’s Deputy and Conway Springs Police Officer in an effort to coerce a confession to minor in possession of alcohol.