03 Oct 2017

KTK Wins $7.5 Million Judgment for Toddler in Catastrophic Car Crash

KTK attorneys Ben Friesen and Steve Torline obtained a $7,500,000.00 judgment after trial on behalf of a five-year old whose mother was killed by a drunk driver in a single-car rollover crash.  KTK’s client, who was 2-years old at the time of the crash, was riding in the back seat. KTK’s client had incurred only $14,000 in medical bills at the time of trial.  And because the case could not be filed as a wrongful death claim, we could not put on evidence of the economic damages to our client resulting from the loss of his mother’s services.  As a result, our client’s total economic expenses on the date of trial were only $14,000.  We made the trial about our five-year old client’s significant emotional distress and long-lasting psychological damages resulting from the trauma our client experienced in the crash.  We prevailed on all claims and obtained a final judgment of $7,500,000.00 to compensate our client for his serious and grievous injuries, both physical and emotional.

Child wins judgment for crash that killed mother – Missouri Lawyers Weekly